Baidu Yun Access [百度云]

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Setup Baidu Cloud (百度云) access from WD My Cloud Guide

  1. Check the Python version in your system

    Note: bypy only works with Python2, which will be installed with Python3 and two co-exist happily.

  2. Install PIP along with setup tools if not installed follow instruction here

    or, use following to install in Arch Linux

  3. Install pip requests library

  4. Get pyby package from this link
  5. Initialize access token with Baidu Cloud

    and folder /apps will be created in Baidu Yun account.

  6. Copy link to a webbrowser and request token with your Baidu Yun credential, paste it back here and ENTER to continue
  7. In case you need request a new token, remove the token file first.

    and then, go through step 5 again.

  8. Upload some file in your Baidun Cloud account and try out. Execute under any folder to sync your files.


  9. 2TB space at your fingertip on the other side of the globe.
  10. Use the Gui if you prefer with following code.


  11. That is for today. Be Awesome!!

bcloud-git for Linux


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