Ubuntu Server Installation and Others

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Ubuntu Server Installation and Set Up

Following are some quite notes about intallation of Ubuntu Server.

  1. install with 14.1 server CD Download ISO image from official site: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/server Burn on a disk and install following on-screen instructions.
  2. Install Packages There are not too many packages needed for the server package, but update,upgrade and istall whatever you need.
  3. ClamAV Antivirus -preinstalled already

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Dual-Views with Arch Linux

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Set Up Multiple Displays

Multi-views represent a setup when multiple display devices are attached to a computer. This is an easy configuration adapted from Arch office site.

Three ways to setup multiple-head displays with xrandr:

  1. to use xrandr to id and setup up monitors manually,
  2. to use arandr (gui version) -the easiest way, yet it is very powerful comparing with MS Windows.
  3. or with the help of a script to automatically detect monitors hooked ...
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Issues with Fcitx-Sougou for Chinese input in Emacs

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Fcitx to input Chinese in Emacs

This was one of most obnoxious problems. With installation of my favorite Sougou(搜狗) IME, I can input Chinese in any application (even in Terminal) with Sougou but emacs. After banging my head on this issue for a long time, following is what I have figured out, and yes, it is working fine now.

Following are some notes while I was doing the debugging. Hope it will help ...

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Dual-boot system time issue

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UTC time issues in dual-boot system with Windows 7 and Linux


The time switch back and forth between two systems between Windows 7 and Arch Linux in a dual-boot system. The RTC will changes when boot up windows, and Arch will complain about possible modification in future.

Solution referece

UTC in Windows One reason users often set the RTC in localtime is to ...

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Unbrick WD My Cloud 3TB

  1. Open the case, follow this vidoe without breaking anything, use credit cards in front on two sides, and strong knife to push from back. follow this link:

  2. Hook to a Ubunutu box via a SATA cable to retrieve data (I tried all window tools with no luck of retrieving data- v4 firmware)
  3. Download a virgin disk image (for 3TB from baidu cloud) ...
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