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There are many tools and resources that will be helpful for non-native English-speaking people to be more efficient in English learning. A while ago, I have posted The Ultimate offline Dictionary with Dictd in Linux. Today I’d like to share some other tools I use on a daily base. And hopefully this will be of help to someone.

A thorough list of appz for spell and grammar checker can be found at Language checking – ArchWiki. But, there is one must-have tool missing from the list – the EmacsWiki: Predictive Mode, which I can’t live without. I will start with the magic predictive-mode.

Emacs predictive mode

Refer to the instructions from EmacsWiki and its Completion User Manual to install. The following is my config init setting.

hunspell Package

Hunspell is a free spell checker and morphological analyzer library and command-line tool, with lots of dictionaries in AUR. It is the most popular spellchecking library.

Medical Dictionaries

A succinct tutorial post here: Hunspell for medical terms spell-checking – More Power Later

And, there are two versions of the dictionaries. The first one is twice the 2nd one, so use the 1st one.

  1. glutanimate/hunspell-en-med-glut: Hunspell dictionary of English medical terms
  2. OpenMedSpel for Hunspell – Free Software Directory

You can use method here to put the *.dic file under listed paths from hunspell -D command. Or, you can follow the its own instruction as follows:

Check it out with some medical terms (e.g., astromreplicell, Polychondritis, Rheumatoid) from the command-line:

NOTES: Invoke with the exact baseename of the *dic file, or ln -s with an more readable, such as en_US_med.

Spellcheck for Emacs

Bare minimum init setting with the following:

Get some tips and trick from Fly Spell. Also refer to the config yet: What’s the best spell check setup in emacs | Chen’s blog.

Languagetool (LT)

LT is the most popular spell AND grammar checker for more than 20 languages.

LanguageTool – Spell and Grammar Checker.

Installation in Arch Linux:

Emacs configuration mhayashi1120/Emacs-langtool: LanguageTool for Emacs:

Manually add words to Langtool, Create own dictionary · Issue #839 · languagetool-org/languagetool.

Add personal dictionary generated by flyspell in Emacs to langtool:

Additional Notes

  1. with flyspell check, SPC to skip, i and then y to add to personal dictionary,
  2. C-u M-$ to resume flyspell
  3. the personal dictionary for aspell is ~/.aspell.en.prepl ~/.aspell.en.pws for hunspell is ~./.hunspell_en_US
  4. Medical dictionaries add to ~/Library/Spelling picked by hunspell, NOT from /usr/share/myspell/.
  5. hunspell -D to list the dict path
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