A $100 Tablet with a Full Linux System

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Instructions for setting up touch display with Raspberry Pi running Arch linux. This is a brand-new release using DSI display port.

Hardware Assembly and Installation

Follow instruction here to setup, and also Video Instruction here There is a official mechanical drawing in case you needed. Remember to make a full system upgrade to enable the touch screen driver (in my case, both for Arch Linus or Rasbian) if you have not done so already.


Install Cellwrite or Matchbox-keyboard or other virtual keyboard

Go to application /Accessories /Keyboard Note: The system font was messed up after installing cellwirter. It was restored after add following fonts (refer Fonts in window title crashing xfce4-title).

Autostart X

  1. Autostart X at login, refer to here

    update!! following is needed instead of above for SSH to work.

  2. Automatic login to virtual consol, refer to here run following command,

    and, past contents, and save

    Notes: The file is located in etc/systemd/system/getty\@tty1.service.d autologin.conf or override.conf

  3. reboot
  4. Notes:
    1. SSH -X stopped working after this, but SSH -Y works. Update: fixed with following:

    2. Auto login to virtual never gives me problem. While auto start x did fail to start. Here is what I did, SSH into raspberrypi from another PC.
    3. go to ~/.bash_profile and un-comment the line for auto-x
    4. Reset default target to boot into, reference here

      This should fix the startxfce4 failure issue.

    5. Redo step 2 and step 3.
    6. Here is a good info from gentoo site.

A 7″ tablet with a full Arch Linux System.

Some screenshots of the system.





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