GIT Version Control for ORG Files

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Git installation and configuration

Two tree architecture: Three tree architecture:

Setting up GIT version control for ORG files

Setting a central repository in WD CLOUD – a NFS file server with all working copies

  1. rsync -av or scp -rp file to NFS server
  2. Initialize GIT repository

  3. Set global configuration

  4. Add files to the repository

  5. Commit

Create another bare repository with only history without working copies. This should be implemented in another remote computer in order to enhance your security karma.

  1. Getting Git on a server (follow link here), create a bare repository with following

    The rational for a bare repository is following: 1) it is a bad practice to push back to a repository with full working copies; 2) and git will complain LOUD; 3) an independent bare repos will increase your karma for backup capability.

  2. Upload the bare repository to your Server

Create a local branch with working copies to bare repos

  1. Clone to create the branch (ssh used here)

  2. Merge local changes change the status of your local GIT repos with following

  3. Updating an Existing Branch of Your org Files. Same code used to update your central working repos (pull from bare repos).

Install in Windows 7

  1. Install Git for windows
  2. Run GIT bash
  3. Create a clone from bare repository


Here is the work flow for the system



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