Internet of Things and Hardware Hacking (Part 2) -A Web Controlled Gameboy Console

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After the success of the first project, RLM decided to hack into one of his childhood treasure -Gameboy Console.

The task of this project is to: 1) reverse engineer and hack Gameboy in order to control it with Arduino, 2) and remotely play it from web.

The Soldering and the Arduino Sketch Code

The Soldering

The biggest challenge is to reverse engineer the buttons of Gameboy and figure out a way to control them using Arduino. It turned out easier than what we visioned. There are four touch pads under each button, two high in voltage and two in low stage. Every time a button was pressed, the corresponding command was trigger by short-circuit the high-state pads. So all we need to do is to connect the high-state pad to a Arduino Pin and activate the button by switching it from High to Low.

The next challenge is to solder those tiny pads to a wire and hook it up to Arduino. A used hard drive ribbon and some hot glue served the purpose well. Following is the final setup.



The Arduino Sketch Code

Python CGI -The Gateway between Arduino and Web Interface

Following Python CGI code is used to communicate with Arduino. Note: RLM use perl CGI to call python scripts. I am using a Pyhton CGI for shortcut.

Javascript for HTML and Paython Binding

Following jQuery javascript binds the interface elements to python CGI, and also jquery.hotkeys-0.7.9.min.js is needed for key stroke binding.

Website Interface

I tranformed both pages into bootstrap framework.

Simple Web Interface with 6 Buttons


Using a Gameboy Image Web GUI Interface

I went one step further, use a real image as following and slice it into image maps. Use mouse to click on the console to play and the key stroke bindings are the same.


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