Dual-Views with Arch Linux

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Set Up Multiple Displays

Multi-views represent a setup when multiple display devices are attached to a computer. This is an easy configuration adapted from Arch office site.

Three ways to setup multiple-head displays with xrandr:

  1. to use xrandr to id and setup up monitors manually,
  2. to use arandr (gui version) -the easiest way, yet it is very powerful comparing with MS Windows.
  3. or with the help of a script to automatically detect monitors hooked up to your Linux Box and setup multiple-head display.

Identify attached monitors

two monitors (e.g.): VGA-0 and LVDS (builtin LCD) setting dual monitor view with following code

A more elegant way of using a script.

This script iterates over all xrandr outputs. If anything is connected it tries to figure out the best possible resolution places that right-of the previous display.

Notes: fail to boot after modified xorg.conf


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