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Whole New World of Wonders

It all stemmed from RLM.

All I wanted is just a brief taste of Linux after his irresistable offer – A dual boot system with Windows 7 and Arch Linux (code-named Taurus). Out of my surprise, I rapidly slipped into a rabbit hole of wonderland.


The Org-Mode World of Emacs

Org mode is for keeping notes, maintaining TODO lists, planning projects, and authoring documents including science papers with a fast and effective plain-text system. It can then be converted into any formats you want.


Task management [7/7] [100%]

  • [X] call XXX customer
  • [X] call XXX
  • [X] call XXX [2/2] XXX will have Surgery tomorron, spin problem effecting walking
    • [X] email to remind him of his PDF book
    • [X] remind XXX to send him more informaiton
  • [X] call audio customer called twice, no pickup, will call Monday
  • [X] call XXX 1
  • [X] lunch with YYY
  • [X] call 刘 -no body pick up,

Time tracking function without interruption.

use to C-c C-x C-r to generate a time tracking table

Table 1: Clock summary at [2015-01-11 Sun 14:39]
Headline Time
Total time 0:14
TODO lunch with XXX 0:14

Capture funtion without breaking your work flow -even from Firefox.

Source code execution and insertion with every computer languages I know.

  • < s TAB to insert source code -lisp here

    C-c C-c to generate eveluation results


  • PERL


  • Ditaa to draw flow chart



  • Tables and Statistics with R
    col1 col2
    A A
    A B
    B B

    Plot and statistics with R

    Plot in PDF More Examples with R here

    airmass zenith_seeing delivered_seeing
    1.3 0.95 1.1119612
    1.3 1.0 1.1704854
    1.3 1.1 1.2875340
    1.3 1.2 1.4045825

To publish .org in WordPress blogs with images uploading.

Org2blog is a tool to publish directly from Emacs’ org-mode to WordPress blogs, and, you guessed right, this site is a product of org2blog.

THE legendary dot-emacs



long phone call to catch up, may interested in XXX Business, use C-c C-x f to add footnote, C-c C-c to jump between definition and reference.


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