Reference Manager and Citation in Linux

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Work Flow

Reference Manager -Mendeley

  1. to rename files


  1. generate bibtex file


PDF-tools to render and annotate pdf, and generate notes in individual org files. see here for more info.

Org-ref to take care of the citation duty.

Notes: org-ref needs lots of other emacs extensions, including helmet-bibtex, helm to name a few.

Some Tweaks

open pdf file defined in file field generated by Mendeley,

open the notes file -not working yet??

Temp alternative solution for above: open PDF first, then use C-c n to open the note file if exist. -tan

Special additional tweaks for helm-bibtex to work with Mendeley generated database

thread here. add following in bibtex-completion-find-pdf-in-field in file bibtex-completion.el

Another tweak to open note files from helm-bibtex:

Reference Management with Helm-Bibtex

Access reference

M-x helm-bibtex to start off, search for reference, Tab for options


Email reference as email attachments

Helm-bibtex: Start an email to your colleague (C-x m) and execute helm-bibtex. Search for your new publications and mark them with C-<space>, then press <f7> to execute the action “Attach PDF to email”. Then M-x helm-resume (the publications are still marked) and press <f6> to execute the action “Insert BibTeX entry”. Optionally insert more human readable references using M-x helm-resume and <f4> to execute the action “Insert reference”. Send email (C-c C-c). Done. This takes less than 10 seconds.


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