Securing WDMyCloud SSH

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Secure and Harden Root Access

First thing first, change the wdmycloud default root password.The default password is welc0me. The least you can do is to change this one to something more reasonable. If you were to monitor the incoming request especially to the SSH port 22 alone, you’ll be shocked to see lots of invalid logins.

Note: check attack list with following.

Add a New User

Creat a new admin user with following:

Change SSH Setting to Enable New User and Disable Root Login

Make sure the new user is granted with sudoer right

Generate Key for WDMyCloud

SSH key generation for WD MyCloud.

Append the Public Key from Another Host (Generate SSH Key for Host if not Done yet)

Access from another host:

Enter password the last time

From now on, you can login WDMyCloud without password.

And, Edit remotely with Emacs

For more, see:


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