A Uh-oh moment – Things I learned after a dual-boot-system failure

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It was a late night, and I did a full system update. Either it failed during update or whatever … as I said it is late and I am tired… The system won’t boot into Linux the next morning

The reason was …

As I suspected, the kernal is corrupted.


rollback the kernal from cache:

I could’ve updated the grub config and fix the loader, but I panic; and I did not know. so, I took the hard way.

Restore the system

Back up the partition

  1. Boot from a live media.
  2. Make sure no partitions are mounted from the source hard drive.
  3. Mount the external HD
  4. Backup the drive.

Reinstall the arch with steps here.

Rsync and restore the system

  1. decrypt and read img file with info here.

  2. Restore files

    Note: Rename these files and folder in backup image: /etc/fstab , /grub/grub.cfg , /etc/mkinitcpio.d mkinitcpio.conf

  3. Unmount and clean up

  4. If needed, fix after boot and then chroot into live media.

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