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Unbrick WD My Cloud 3TB

  1. Open the case, follow this vidoe without breaking anything, use credit cards in front on two sides, and strong knife to push from back. follow this link:

  2. Hook to a Ubunutu box via a SATA cable to retrieve data (I tried all window tools with no luck of retrieving data- v4 firmware)
  3. Download a virgin disk image (for 3TB from baidu cloud) 2TB image here: link
  4. Restore the virgin disk image you downloaded, use DISKS utility to restor the image, click on the wheel icon on top right (individual partition restore did not work for me). Use Gparted to check sd*4 is ext4 with 2.7GB in size, you can format it to ext4 if needed.



  5. Put the board back on and plugin power and ethernet cable, initialize and follow the installation instruction from a web browser.

WD My Cloud Hacking

Turn off auto update, stays with v3, NOT v4

Turn on SSH and turn off auto update and modified the file so that downgrade will be allowed. You might need to resize your My Cloud via a hard reset. May need to factory restore after -hold reset button for 10 secs, keep holding, unplug power, 30sec, plug back in, keep holding 40secs and then release.

Guide to install OwnCloud

  1. back up sourcelist

    modifiy sourcelist, this worked for my case.

    Different version of repository. 1

  2. Make the file excutable (chomod +x) and execute (-step1.sh) or input stepwise at shell (only install php5.gd, or the wd web UI will break):

    Choose agree to update the follow by “keep current setting” when prompted (two at shell buffer and two gui, as shown following)


  3. Set up Owncloud.

  4. Create a admin user name and password.


  5. If nothing goes wrong, you should have access to the your owncloud dashboard. owncloud-gui.png
  6. Update configration file using your owncloud name (put conf in etc/apache2/conf.d does not work)

  7. Excute the 2nd script

  8. Find the emailing notification issue.

    Increase Apache speed (adapted from link here):

  9. Clean up and Enjoy your own Dropbox!

Mount and access your owncloud drive from Arch Linux

  1. Install davfs2 – adapted from link

    You should be able to access your owncloud from a file manager using davs://your-owncloud-url:port#/remote.php/webdav/

  2. or, mount as regular user, link First, add yourself to network group (where username is replaced with your username):

  3. Add webdav entry to /etc/fstab (again, replacing username with your actual username):

  4. Create secrets file in your home:

  5. Now you should be able to mount and unmount ~/webdav:

  6. To solve the certificate warning, add the command you used in step 4 to ./.bashrc -adapted from Owncloud site link

  7. Reboot your WD My Cloud and your Arch Linux box, Enjoy!!

Install Owncloud IOS app and follow instructions for file sharing etc

IOS APPZ -use simple url or ip plus username and password for access. iPhone/setting/Contact etc/add caldav and carddav to sync link calender and contact, need to add a contact in owncloud to activate contact first, restart sever if needed.



Other Goodies for your WD Cloud drive

Install Transmission

Follow this excellent guide. Changes setting (speed,blacklist etc)by click the wrench icon in bottom-left transmission-scrn1.png

Install miniDLNA

Follow this link Notes: failed since it wants to update nfs-common and nfs-kernerl Just use the built-in Twonky at port 9000


GIT installation

Notes: only install git-core, otherwise the SSH update will mess up the configuration setting.

  1. Follow this guide.
  2. Getting Git on a server (follow link here) on client system, create a bare repository with following

    and,put the bare repository on a Server



wheezy is current version. jessie = next version, sid = experimental version.



  1. Neo  November 28, 2015

    Hi there,

    Have you found any way to connect printers on the usb port and then share them with your network?

  2. Frank  December 27, 2015

    Hi, it seems there are a few steps missing in between here:

    3. Set up Owncloud.
    cd /var/www/htdocs
    nano -c +146 setup-owncloud.php

    4. Create a admin user name and password.

    or I did not get it? Please advise. Thanks.

    • mistan  December 30, 2015

      Hi Frank,

      I’d update the firmware and use Nazar’s pre-compiled Appz. See this post.


  3. nano  December 29, 2015

    can you tell me which version of the WD MY CLOUD firmware you were using?
    I cannot make your guide work…
    php5-gd does not install properly for me…

    • mistan  December 30, 2015

      Hi Nano,

      I was using version 3 back then. I’d highly recommend using the new firmware and follow this post. Let me know if you need more assistance.



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