Microtype, Verbatim and Elegantpaper in Org-mode export

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NOTES on microtype, verbatim and elegantpaper

The following snippet can be used to remove the nasty activate=false during verbatim and example sourcecode export (which property and src results are using during latexPDF export) in org-mode with [[https:/github.comElegantLaTeXElegantPaper][elegantpaper]] class. It had been an issue haunted me for a long time (输出PDF时, SRC_EXAMPLE 上方显示一行 activate=false?).

NOTE: The snippet should be inserted in preamble section, hence, with LATEX_HEADER_EXTRA keywords (or also LATEX_HEADER, I assume) 1.

NOT working with BEGIN_EXPORT latex and END_EXPORT pair as in the following, which put the its contents in latex document section and generate more errors instead of resolving the issue.



‘LATEX_HEADER_EXTRA’ Arbitrary lines to add to the document’s preamble, before the hyperref settings. more LaTeX specific export settings.


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