Internet of Things and Hardware Hacking (Part 2) -A Web Controlled Gameboy Console

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After the success of the first project, RLM decided to hack into one of his childhood treasure -Gameboy Console.

The task of this project is to: 1) reverse engineer and hack Gameboy in order to control it with Arduino, 2) and remotely play it from web.

The Soldering and the Arduino Sketch Code

The Soldering

The biggest challenge is to reverse engineer the ...

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The APP for WD My Cloud with Firmware Version 4 up [NEW]

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After using WD My Cloud with version 3 for about a year for the sake of hacking, I finally give it up and switch to version 4. With Nazar’s prebuilt Appz, I have been successfully installed following packages without much issues.


Update and Installtion of the Firmware and APPZ

  1. Update the WD my Cloud the usual way.
  2. To proceed with the installation of the ...
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