Recovery bootloader for a dual boot system of Windows 7 and Arch Linux

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After rendering one of my old laptops into OS-less state by restoring the Arch Linux OS from another System without exclude the {php}boot{/php}, following is what I did to recover the dual-boot system. I have to fix the MBR and Boot for windows first and then reinstall the grub boot loader with linux live CD.

Fix Windows 7 MBR and Boot

Adapted from here.

  1. Boot from the Windows 7 installation DVD. ...

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Reinstall Grub after motherboard replacement

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Prepare Arch Linux Live Disc

  1. Make a bootable installation media for Arch Linux
  2. This laptop doesn’t have any CD/DVD drive so the first thing is to make a bootable USB drive.

    Boot into Windows 10. In Windows, download archlinux iso from the following website

    Use the mirror which is closest to you and download the Arch iso. archlinux-2015.12.01-dual.iso

    Download Rufus from the following location

    Plugin any ...

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Dual Boot Installation of Arch Linux with Preinstalled Windows 10 with Encryption

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Notes About Some Basics

  1. General instruction from Arch wiki.

    Dual boot with Windows – ArchWikiDual boot with Windows – ArchWiki Mind that there is no need to create an additional EFI System Partition, since it already exists (see above): when required, mount this to {php}/boot{/php}, install your bootloader to it and save the entry in {php}/etc/fstab{/php}. read more.

  2. Partitioning

    Size and tools go to – here

  3. ...

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Dual-boot system time issue

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UTC time issues in dual-boot system with Windows 7 and Linux


The time switch back and forth between two systems between Windows 7 and Arch Linux in a dual-boot system. The RTC will changes when boot up windows, and Arch will complain about possible modification in future.

Solution referece

UTC in Windows One reason users often set the RTC in localtime is to ...

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