Grammar of Data -Data process flow with R and its three Masketeers

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Inspired and adapted from here. dplyer tutorial here, or its own documentation. Another tutorial for dplyr and tidyr; The cheatsheet is useful too, install the dataset from the page’s footnote devtools::install_github("rstudio/EDAWR").

magrittr: Simplifying R code with pipes

%>%, This is not a pipe.
github here, a tutorial from the author, Magrittr.

Basic piping:

x %>% f is equivalent to f(x)
x %>% f(y) is equivalent to f(x, y)
x %>% f %>% g %>% h is equivalent to h(g(f(x)))

The argument placeholder

x %>% f(y, .) is equivalent to f(y, x) x %>% f(y, z = .) is equivalent to f(y, z = x)

The “tee” operator,

%T>% can be used for this purpose and works exactly like %>%, except it returns the left-hand side value, rather than the potential result of the right-hand side operation.

Pipe with exposition of variables

Compound assignment pipe operations

This operator works exactly like %>%, except the pipeline assigns the result rather than returning it. It must be the first pipe operator in a longer chain.


dplyr verbs Description base equivalent
select() select columns subset()
filter() or slice() filter  
distinct() unique rows /observations unique()
arrange() re-order or arrange rows order()
mutate() or transmute() only keep new variables,create new columns transform()
summarise() summarise data by functions of choice  
group_by() allows for group operations in the “split-apply-combine” conceptor  
sample_n() and sample_frac() to take a random sample of rows  

select() can be used with:

ends_with() = Select columns that end with a character string
contains() = Select columns that contain a character string
matches() = Select columns that match a regular expression
one_of() = Select columns names that are from a group


gather:Gather columns into rows
spread Spread rows into columns
separate:Separate one column into several; Splitting a single variable into two
unite: Unite several columns into one; Merging two variables into one


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