R Shiny from RStudio to build interactive web application

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Shiny is –

A web application framework for R Turn your analyses into interactive web applications No HTML, CSS, or JavaScript knowledge required.

Best place to learn is the tutorial from official site.

shiny package for R

Build a app with separate ui.R and server.R files

ui.R file:


run the app


Or, with one file

Shiny themes -bootstrap themes

Other notes

  1. Tutorials http://rstudio.github.io/shiny/tutorial/#deployment-local and new site
  2. Run from gist

One of the my apps

Following is one of the appz I wrote to analyze some of my research data.


Shiny Server Installation – build your own server

browse to http://<hostname>:3838/APP_NAME/ Note: Disconnected from the server error. Reasons unknown yet, reconnect several time went away usually.

Run from command line


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