Ubuntu Server Installation and Others

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Ubuntu Server Installation and Set Up

Following are some quite notes about intallation of Ubuntu Server.

  1. install with 14.1 server CD Download ISO image from official site: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/server Burn on a disk and install following on-screen instructions.
  2. Install Packages There are not too many packages needed for the server package, but update,upgrade and istall whatever you need.
  3. ClamAV Antivirus -preinstalled already

  4. Install Emacs with Org-mode

  5. install a WordPress site link Install following is missing php extention link error link

  6. Install Joomla site same as wordpress, create DB, and grant right, and browse to direction and follow instruction.
  7. Install Media Wiki site
    • create mysql db
    • wget the Mediawiki
    • follow instruction in browser
    • install xcache link

    • install intl PECL extension link
    • install Emacs Mediawiki link

Some Useful Liux Commands

Command Chaining

  1. echo 1 ; echo 2 ; echo 3 # sequential
  2. echo 1 & echo 2 & echo 3 # backgrounding, possibly parallel
  3. grep foo test.txt && echo foo is in test.txt # conditional, on success
  4. grep foo test.txt || echo foo is not in test.txt # conditional, on failure

Making executable scripts: #!-shebang/hashbang

#!/usr/bin/env bash echo “Hello World” chmod +x hello.sh ./hello.sh


  1. rm -rf “Dropbox (之前)”/ —to remove file with space in name
  2. sudo !! excute last command with sudo right
  3. ! ## excute the line listing in history command
  4. C-r in command to search for history command
  5. or history and then !# to execute that command, C-r is more elegant and efficient.

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