Use Emacs, Org2blog to Publish WordPress Blogs with Crayon Highlight Support

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Org2blog is THE best tool to publish from org-mode to WordPress. There is a very good blog in Chinese in addition to the official site.

Stylesheet for Org-exported HTML

  1. CSS Support for more info
  2. Code highlight for more info


org2blog is depending on the following:

  1. xml-rpc, metaweblog and htmlize.
  2. Org mode version should be 7 8 or higher. And I just updated to org-mode 9 with Emacs 26.

My setting for org2blog

Syntax Highlight

org2blog 有两种方式实现代码高亮:

  1. Set org2blog/wp-use-sourcecode-shortcode to nil, org-mode exports the sourcecode with <pre> with the help of htmlize.el and uploads the html to WordPress.
  2. Set org2blog/wp-use-sourcecode-shortcode to non-nil, org-mode exports the sourcecode with [sourcecode] with the help of htmlize.el and uploads the html to WordPress.
  3. UPDATE: The sourcecode prefix only works with SyntaxHighlighter Evolved – WordPress plugin, but it does not serve my need due to its poor babel language support. Also, all my post was using Crayon Syntax Highlighter (working with pre prefix), so I managed to modified the code to this direction.
  4. UPDATE 2020-04-07 (setq org-html-htmlize-output-type nil) set to nil instead of css of inline-css to disable code highlight during export. See gongzhitaao/orgcss: Simple and clean CSS for Org-exported HTML, and hopefully the official site will be updated on this Issue #291.
  5. Possible conflict with htmlizer EmacsWiki: Htmlize.

    htmlize.el has some conflicts with rainbow-delimiters-mode, functions such as htmlize-buffer will report an error: htmlize-make-face-map: Wrong type argument: listp, “rainbow-delimiters-depth-1-face”, so I do a small hack to overcome this by using the elisp’s defadvice utility.

    Here’s the code:

To make it work with Crayon Syntax Highlighter

UPDATE: The following is invalid no more. See the next section for solution. 代码显示设置,如果设置成nil,就会把org-mode的SRC代码块用pre标签包括起 来,设置成t的话,就会用sourcecode标签来包括起来。默认是nil,也就是使 用pre标签,使用pre标签的话,可能会额外添加一些html标签,严重影响显示效 果, sourcecode标签又不被crayon支持,为了使二者结合起来,我这边修改了 一下org2blog的源文件: 在 ox-wp.el中修改 sourcecode标签为对应的crayon 格式的 <pre>标签即可. Also Mentioned here.


to (close up with < before /pre>):

The code from this site did NOT work with crayon highlight for me.

The WORKING version for the new version of org2blog with Emacs 26

Org2blog is actively revised recently. It comes with a cute little interface now.


All I need to do is to copy the code here into my dot-emacs init file, of course on top of general setting for org2blog. I removed figure tag.

You may need to play with the crayon highlight setting in WordPress. Here is what I have.


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