The APP for WD My Cloud with Firmware Version 4 up [NEW]

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After using WD My Cloud with version 3 for about a year for the sake of hacking, I finally give it up and switch to version 4. With Nazar’s prebuilt Appz, I have been successfully installed following packages without much issues.


Update and Installtion of the Firmware and APPZ

  1. Update the WD my Cloud the usual way.
  2. To proceed with the installation of the ...
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Securing WDMyCloud SSH

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Secure and Harden Root Access

First thing first, change the wdmycloud default root password.The default password is welc0me. The least you can do is to change this one to something more reasonable. If you were to monitor the incoming request especially to the SSH port 22 alone, you’ll be shocked to see lots of ...

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GIT Version Control for ORG Files

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Git installation and configuration

git config --global  #global for user --system for global
git config --global core.ui

git add .
git init
git commit
git log --grep=""

git status
git add  #add to staging
git commit -m ""
git diff (--online)
git diff --staged #changes in stage index and respository
git rm # followed with git commit
git mv # similar to git rm
git checkout -- index.html #retrieve from repository to replace staging
git checkout -- shum-code #revert to older version to 
git ...
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Unbrick WD My Cloud 3TB

  1. Open the case, follow this vidoe without breaking anything, use credit cards in front on two sides, and strong knife to push from back. follow this link:

  2. Hook to a Ubunutu box via a SATA cable to retrieve data (I tried all window tools with no luck of retrieving data- v4 firmware)
  3. Download a virgin disk image (for 3TB from baidu cloud) ...
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