Arduino Installation on Raspberry PI 2B Running Arch Linux

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Official Arduino IDE does not agree with PI and it sucks any way.

[update] Platformio is a better way!

There are two major ways to compile and upload sketch files to Arduino: a. use IDEs (Arduino IDE, Emacs IDE, Fritzing or ArduIDE). or b. use a terminal. Arch official site explains well, however, most of it does not apply to RasPi with Arch Linux. It DOES work with regular ...

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Issues with Fcitx-Sougou for Chinese input in Emacs

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Fcitx to input Chinese in Emacs

This was one of most obnoxious problems. With installation of my favorite Sougou(搜狗) IME, I can input Chinese in any application (even in Terminal) with Sougou but emacs. After banging my head on this issue for a long time, following is what I have figured out, and yes, it is working fine now.

Following are some notes while I was doing the debugging. Hope it will help ...

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